Hydraulic cylinders in power generation plants

Hydraulic cylinders in power generation plants


In power generation plants, hydraulic cylinders play a crucial role in various applications. These cylinders are designed to convert fluid power into linear mechanical force and motion, making them essential components in power generation equipment. In this article, we will explore the importance of hydraulic cylinders in power generation plants and their diverse applications.

1. Hydraulic cylinders in turbine control systems

Hydraulic cylinders are widely used in turbine control systems to regulate the flow of water, ensuring optimal turbine performance. These cylinders provide precise and reliable control over the turbine's wicket gates, allowing operators to adjust the water flow according to power demands. With their ability to handle high pressures and heavy loads, hydraulic cylinders ensure efficient turbine operation.

2. Hydraulic cylinders in dam gate operations

Dam gates are vital components in hydroelectric power plants, controlling the release of water and preventing flooding. Hydraulic cylinders are employed in the opening and closing mechanisms of dam gates, providing the necessary force to operate these massive structures. The precise control offered by hydraulic cylinders ensures smooth and efficient gate operations, guaranteeing the safety and stability of the power plant.

3. Hydraulic cylinders in generator cooling systems

Generators in power plants produce a significant amount of heat during operation. Hydraulic cylinders are utilized in generator cooling systems to control the flow of coolant and maintain optimal operating temperatures. By regulating the coolant flow, these cylinders contribute to the reliability and longevity of the generators, ensuring uninterrupted power generation.

4. Hydraulic cylinders in valve actuation

The operation of valves is critical for controlling the flow of fluids within power generation plants. Hydraulic cylinders are extensively used in valve actuation systems, providing the necessary force to open and close valves accurately and swiftly. The robust and reliable nature of hydraulic cylinders ensures precise control over valve operations, enhancing the overall efficiency of power plants.

5. Hydraulic cylinders in steam turbine pitch control

Steam turbines are commonly employed in power generation plants, and hydraulic cylinders play a vital role in their pitch control systems. These cylinders adjust the angle of the turbine blades to optimize power output based on load requirements. The responsive and precise control offered by hydraulic cylinders enables efficient power generation and load management.

6. Hydraulic cylinders in coal conveyor systems

In coal-fired power plants, hydraulic cylinders are utilized in conveyor systems for the transportation of coal. These cylinders provide the necessary force to move heavy loads of coal along the conveyor belts. With their high load-bearing capacity and durability, hydraulic cylinders ensure smooth and efficient coal handling, contributing to uninterrupted power generation.

7. Hydraulic cylinders in ash handling systems

Ash handling systems are crucial in power plants to safely remove and dispose of the ash produced during the combustion process. Hydraulic cylinders are employed in ash handling systems to operate the gates, valves, and other components involved in ash disposal. These cylinders offer reliable and precise control, facilitating efficient ash handling and ensuring environmental compliance.


Hydraulic cylinders are indispensable in power generation plants, enabling smooth and efficient operations across various applications. From turbine control systems to ash handling systems, these cylinders provide the necessary force and control to ensure optimal performance and safety. As a leading hydraulic cylinder manufacturer in China, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality products, competitive prices, and excellent customer service.

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Q: What materials are commonly used in hydraulic cylinder construction?

A: Hydraulic cylinders are typically constructed using high-strength steel, such as carbon steel and alloy steel, to withstand the extreme pressures and loads they encounter.

Q: How do hydraulic cylinders ensure precise control in power generation plants?

A: Hydraulic cylinders incorporate various components, such as piston seals and pressure relief valves, to provide precise control over fluid flow and pressure, enabling accurate positioning and movement in power generation applications.

Q: Can hydraulic cylinders be customized for specific power generation plant requirements?

A: Yes, our company offers customization services to meet specific requirements of power generation plants, ensuring that hydraulic cylinders are tailored to the unique demands of each application.